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A scenic fishery

Lakedown Trout Fishery is situated in a secluded Wealden valley with scenic views & no visible sign of habitation.

The Fishery was originally designed & created in 1981 by actor & Rock legend Roger Daltrey.

The four spring-fed lakes totalling approximately 20 acres have an abundance of aquatic fly life.   

"A visual assault on the senses. There can be no prettier fishery in this land. Spikes of bright yellow flag decorate the banks which are thick with beds of rose bay willow herb, bee-haunted fox gloves & spotted orchid. A place where wild browns & rainbows live side by side" -

Trout Fisherman, August 2005

Lakedown Trout Fishery is now using the Fishery Reports ticket booking and catch returns system.

This allows you to book your ticket in advance either online or by telephone.

CLICK HERE to book your ticket

CLICK HERE to enter a catch return




Swife Lane,
East Sussex
TN21 8UX

01435 883449 / 07502 257428 / (or Ted on 07740 798341)

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To book a table please visit lakedownbookings.com


 07502 257428 /01435 883449

email lakedowntroutfishery@gmail.com


Anglers will receive a 10% discount at the taproom as part of their ticket as well as a complimentary tea / coffee.

2 fish - £35

3 fish - £40 

4 fish - £45 

5 fish - £50

Under 18’s (9-17)- £20 for a 2 fish ticket

We are open 7 days a week, 8am-6pm last cast

(hours alter through the year according to daylight).​

  • A ticket must be purchased online or by telephone prior to fishing. 

  • Anglers must  sign in at the lodge upon arrival

  • Once the bag limit is reached,  fishing must cease until an additional ticket is  purchased.

  • All anglers must inform a Lakedown staff member of their catch in order to assist with stock management.​ You can enter a catch return online by clicking HERE

  • No catch and release (with the exception of wild brown trout in lake 1 which will 

    be far smaller than average stocked fish

  • single fly, max size 10

  • Anglers must  hold an Environmental Agency Rod Licence.

  • Children must be 9 years old or over​. (9 - 16 year olds must be accompanied by an adult)


Latest Updates


 The good fishing has continued at Lakedown.  A slightly slow week in term of footfall only saw 32 anglers through the gates but they caught a handsome return of 85 fish ending with a catch rate again just over 80%.. Cats whiskers still lead the way with Blue flash damsels and hares ears also doing well. The best fish of the last week have been a 4lb brown from lake 2 and a 5lb rainbow from lake 3.

 We are currently de silting lake 1 so it will be out of action for the next few weeks.

Lakedown will be closed this Thursday 18th and Friday 19th November




 It has been a fantastic weeks fishing at Lakedown.  This last weekend has seen a catch rate of almost 90% with the last 2 weeks averaging out at just over 80%.  All lakes have seen a good number of fish caught with lakes 2 and 3 fishing exceptionally well.  The catch of the week was landed on Friday by Russell weighing in at 6.10lbs.  Another dozen 4lbs+ fish were also caught.  The fish on the most part have been in the top water column, mainly being hooked just below the surface.  Many flies are doing the job including Daddies, BFDs, Cats whiskers, tadpoles and orange fritz.. 



25th OCTOBER - 

We finally have 2 consecutive weeks of good fishing!  The catch rate of the last week was a handsome 75% with lakes 2, 3 and 4 fishing particularly well.  The fish have mainly been caught in the top 2 feet of water on green and black patterns and the best flies continue to be montanas, cats and tadpoles.  The biggest fish landed were a 6lb rainbow from lake 4 and a 3.5lb brown from lake 2. The water temperature is now at a very comfortable 13 degrees with lakes 1 and 2 beginning to clear again after last weeks rain.

Lakedown will be closed on fri 5th Nov for a private function

19th OCTOBER - 

The start of October continued with slow fishing however the last week has finally seen things pick up at Lakedown.  59 rods caught 120 fish averaging a 60% catch rate.  All lakes have shown improved fishing with lake 2 fishing best.  Green and black has been the colours to use with montanas and black cats doing well. The water temperature is now a comfortable 13.5c. The rain has muddied the top lakes but 3 & 4 remain clear.


The recent cooler weather with accompanying wind and rain we hope will improve the fishing beyond last weeks figures.  Another hard week saw a catch rate of 35% with lake 1 again only giving up the odd fish.  Lucky for Steve that the rainbow he landed tipped the scales at 5lbs, as did Giles' from lake 2 caught on a green zonker. A 5.5lb brown was also caught, a good sign that the stock are becoming more active again.  This along with the water temperature  dropping from 20 down to 17 degrees over the last week gives hope that tight lines are ahead.  Daddies, montanas, blue flash damsels and buzzers are recommended.

we kindle ask anglers to not fish the dam and island of lake 4 as the grass is being re seeded.

Lakedown will be closed for private functions on 5th and 8th October


The warm sunny weather continued and so did the challenging fishing last week.  The catch rate ended up a slow 45%, however some days did fish well but with only a few anglers in it is not reflected on the catch rate.  Lakes 2 and 3 have both performed best and lake 1, although very well stocked is not giving up fish easily.  Daddies, and montanas are still recommended.  The cold nights are helping cool the water so good fishing should be just around the corner.


The fishing picked up over the last week at Lakedown although still remains quite challenging.  Most rainbows have been caught just sub surface or much deeper around 8ft down. Daddies continue to catch best but buzzers and boobies also doing well.  All lakes performed quite well with lake 3 producing the most fish.  The catch rate ended up a shade over 55%, up from last week and as the water cools you can only expect the catch rate to keep going up.

We have had to do some work on the arm of lake 3 and damn of lake 4 which has meant reseeding it.  We kindly ask anglers to not fish the arm of 3, or the island or damn of 4 for the next few weeks untill the grass takes hold.  Thank you in advance for your patience


  • Good riddance 2020 Competition
    02 Jan, 09:00 – 13:00
    TN21 8UX, Broad Oak, Heathfield TN21 8UX, UK
    in the hope that we will be allowed. fingers crossed Prize for heaviest bag and biggest fish. £35 entry (3 fish ticket) please call 07502 257428 or email Lakedowntroutfishery@gmail.com to enter
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